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Refreshment facilities

Should you wish to make a drink in your room, refreshment facilities are located within the wardrobe unit.
If you would like to order from The Merchant's Yard drinks menu, please speak to a member of the team.
You are welcome to enjoy these in your bedroom, in the private resident's lounge, or in the restaurant outside of peak times.

Using the safe

You are welcome to use the safe in your room for the duration of your stay.

The directions for use are as follows:


  1. To begin, the safe must be unlocked. If the safe is locked, please contact reception or the duty manager and ask for the override key.

  2. Locate the battery panel on the inside of the door panel.

  3. Open the battery panel and press and hold the red button until you hear 2 beeps.  This indicates that the previous code has been reset.

  4. Whilst the light on the front keypad panel is green, type in a memorable 3-10 digit code.

  5. Then press the 'enter' button.

  6. Move the safe handle to the 'close' position and press the lock button.

Room servicing
Please let a member of the reception team know if you would like your room to be serviced during the day. 
If you would like fresh towels, milk, or water, we are also happy to provide these upon request.
Your room temperature
The thermostat for your room can be found by the side of the door. You are welcome to adjust this to a comfortable temperature.
Your room is also equipped with a black tower fan. This can be controlled using the remote, or the controls on top of the unit.
Controlling the VELUX Windows
The VELUX windows are operated using the VELUX app on the iPad. Here, you can control both the windows and the blinds. Please be aware, that the windows will close automatically if it begins to rain outside. 
Haircare and toiletries
In your bathroom, you will find a selection of hair and body care products that you are welcome to use during your stay.
Please enjoy the locally-sourced, Wild Olive bath products as a complimentary gift. We would politely request that you do not remove the other toiletries from your room.
A hairdryer is also provided - this is stored in a small basket within the wardrobe.
If you have forgotten any other personal items, please speak to a member of the reception team - we keep a small number of items to hand, and may be able to help.
Should you prefer, there is also a local Cooperative in the village. This is on the main road, just past the Cathedral.
All the light switches work in the same way and are controlled by a dimmer switch.
The light in the bathroom is the only exception. This is controlled by a sensor and will turn on and then off, automatically after a few minutes.
Ironing facilities
Your room is equipped with a steam iron and an ironing board. This can be found inside the wardrobe, behind the mirror. 
This is a push panel, which is opened by gently pushing on the mirror.
Special requests
If there is anything more that we can do to make your stay more enjoyable, please do speak to a member of the team.
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