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À la Carte Menu

Coming soon, new Autumn a la carte menu at The Merchant’s Yard. Available from evening service (5pm onwards) on [INSERT DATE – CHECK THIS WITH CARL]

Here at The Merchant's Yard we pride ourselves on delivering a celebration of the best of British produce, from classics with a modern twist to exceptional new dishes created using both traditional and modern techniques along with seasonal, locally sourced ingredients. 
Please note; this is a sample menu and some dishes are subject to availability of ingredients at market.
Please ensure staff are made aware of any food intolerance or allergies before ordering.


Oyster, Cucumber, Lemon, Salmon Roe - £4.95



Soup - Spiced Summer Squash

Pepper essence, cumin espuma- £5.95 (Is this correct?)

Seared Duck Liver

Parfait, apricot, feuille de bric, anise & fig - £8.95

Salmon Tartare 

Caviar, sea herbs, grapefruit aroma, confit yolk, crouton - £8.50 (Is this correct?)

Wood Pigeon

Malted barley, beetroot, balckberry, mustard frill (Price?)

Leak & Maris Piper

Smoked bacon sour cream, Pulled pork, apple (price?)

Classic Starters

BBQ Aged Beef

Sweetcorn, chestnut mushroom, pear, endive -  £7.95

Saute Mushrooms

Fried hens egg, toast, watercress​(Price?)

Homemade Grissini & Mistoliva Olives

Aged balsamic & olive oil - £5.50  (is this staying?)

Sharing Platters

Rustic Garlic Bread

Topped with mozzarella & rosemary - £8.95

‘The Picnic   ’

Pork pie, pickled eggs & onions, cheddar, Stilton fondue, warm glazed ham, chutney, hummus, olives  - £20.95

Fish Platter

Crevettes, anchovies, smoked salmon, rollmops, mackerel, aioli, hummus, sweet chilli, flat bread - £20.95


Fillet of Beef

Luxury Cauliflower cheese, truffle, sauté potato - £24.95


Lamb Cannon

Goat's curd, onion jam, basil pesto, olive, ratatouille - £21.95


Charred gem lettuce, chanterelle , pickled carrot, salsify, shrimp velouté - £21.50 

Venison Loin

red cabbage, squash, fermented turnip, reindeer moss, meat balls - (Price)

Spiced Monkfish

charred corn, fennel, pickled mussels, samphire, chowder - £14.95



Seafood Cocktail For Two

Smoked salmon, crayfish, crevettes, Marie Rose, gem lettuce, tomato, cucumber - £26.00

Fish & Chips ‘at the Chippy’

Pickled egg, curry gel, tartar sauce, mushy peas - £14.95

Dry Cured Gammon Steak

Pineapple pickle, hens egg, leaf, fries - £14.95

Classic Beef Burger

Brioche bun, cheese, tomato, pickles, lettuce, mayonnaise, served with skinny fries & coleslaw – £14.95

Portobello Mushroom Burger

Roasted peppers & stilton, lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise, served with skinny fries & coleslaw – £13.95


35-day dry aged grass-fed beef

Served with twice cooked chips, confit tomato, Portobello mushroom, watercress, peppercorn sauce

8oz Rib Eye Steak - £23.95

8oz Sirloin Steak - £23.95

6oz Fillet Steak - £24.95


Classic Margarita

Classic tomato sauce, mozzarella, basil - £11.00

Prosciutto Fungi

Prosciutto, mushroom, mozzarella - £12.00

Smoked Salmon

Spinach, red onion, olive - £12.00

Pepperoni Picante Calzone

Spicy pepperoni, green chilli, mixed peppers, red onion - £12.00


Chargrilled chicken, pesto, rocket, roasted pepper –£12.00


Hand cut chips

Rustic skinny fries

Sweet potato fries

Creamed potatoes

Jersey Royals

Mixed leaves

Buttered greens

All £3.95

Children's Meals

Macaroni Cheese

Cheesy garlic bread

Classic Burger

Brioche bun,  skinny fries, tomato, pickles, lettuce, coleslaw

9” Pizza

Classic Margarita, tomato sauce, mozzarella 

Fish & Chips

Hand-cut chips, mushy peas, lemon

Chicken Goujons

Mashed potatoes, beans

All £6.95

Pre Dessert

Elderflower Jelly

Lemongrass, Ginger - £4.95


Chef's Assiette

Selection of desserts to share - please ask for details - £18.95

Orange Soufflé

Set chocolate, burnt mandarin, smoked orange sorbet - £8.50

Passion Fruit Parfait

Pineapple, banana, chilli, dry ice - £7.95

White Chocolate Délice

Vanilla, strawberry - £7.95

Tonka Bean Cream

Raspberry textures, pistachio, churros- £7.95

Classic Desserts

Warm Pear Crumble Tart 

Anglaise - £7.50

Blueberry Mojito Tartlet

Creme patissiere, rum, sorbet- £7.95


Classic Chocolate Ice Cream Sundae - £6.95

Chef’s Ice Creams & Sorbet selection - £4.95

Choose From Our Cheese Platter

Your choice of three cheeses, with seasonal chutney, celery, apple, grapes, water biscuits, churned butter - £8.95 (additional cheeses £1.50 each)

All desserts for children - £3.95