The Merchant's Yard is proud to support #ChallengeDerbyshire, a fundraising initiative formed in 2015 to raise money for our three amazing charities; Ashgate Hospicecare, Blythe House Hospice and Helen's Trust.

Currently an estimated one in four people who need access to a hospice for end of life care

are unable to do so.


#ChallengeDerbyshire is committed to ensuring our local providers continue and thrive, enabling them to deliver care and support for EVERYONE in North Derbyshire who needs it. Working together, we can ensure we keep them for the years to come, and by covering #ChallengeDerbyshire’s costs,

M Markovitz Ltd is able to maximise the impact of the campaign, ensuring that 100% of all donations go straight to the charities supporting those receiving hospice care

This incredible initiative has raised over £1,100,000 so far!

As part of our on-going work to support the charity, we would like to ask for your help by adding a voluntary donation of 25p per person to your bill. If you would prefer not to donate, or if you'd like to give more, please do just say.


Although it may seem a very small amount, last year The Merchant's Yard raised over £5,000!

For more information on the work the charities do please visit

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